Some of My New Favorite Things at Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen!

Can I say everything? I’ve handpicked and like all of the items that are on the Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen website. Each item is selected with all of you in mind, and I hope you like the offerings. There are a variety of items from the kitchen (of course!), to apparel and yummy goodies and more! We’re always looking for new amazing products, plus vendors to partner with, plus we’ll be adding in some additional products just in time for holiday gift giving. So make sure you back often to see what’s new!

Here are a few of my new favorite things in our shop:

The Camping Mugs

They are lightweight, fun, and you can take them anywhere. How about that road trip you’re planning? Or perhaps a picnic at a local winery? I’m planning on giving a cup to my two older grandkids and having a set here at my house for them as well. They will like having “coffee” (really just milk) with Mom or Dad and feel they’re just like you. They make a great gift! If you have an idea of a good saying for the mug be sure to let us know! You can find the Camping Mugs in the Kitchen section of the shop.

The Baseball Shirts

As the seasons change and winter approaches, I find these comfortable soft shirts great for workouts, cleaning the house, playing games with the kids or having game night with a few friends. Get them in the t-shirts section of ARLK.

Our Famous Fudge!

I’m excited to say it’s coming back! We have a new local vendor making it for us and some fun new flavors we’re excited to introduce. What a sweet, tasty, anytime treat. The fudge reminds me of my favorite place – Mackinac Island, Michigan, and of days gone by. I know you’ll love to have some to enjoy yourself and for giving as a gift for the holidays. Come back to check out the holiday flavors we’ll be offering soon.

Tote Bag: Eat, Love, Gather… and Amy Roloff’s little Kitchen

These tote bags are sturdy and large enough to handle many different jobs. It’s great for grocery shopping (as we all try to go green), taking food over to a friend or relative, carrying notepads, your iPad, small packages, or books for reading, Bible study, homework, and more. How about wrapping a gift and putting it in one of the tote bags, to make it two gifts? Find Tote Bags in Accessories!

Amy’s Life Quote – Framed

This life quote means a lot to me. It’s something my Dad said to me when I was a young kid (you can read about it in my book “A Little Me”), and it has impacted my life ever since. I hope when you gift yourself this quote it’ll inspire and have an impact on your life as well, and remind you that you Matter, have Value and a Purpose… always. Get it here.

Check out all of the above and other wonderful items at the Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen website. And look very soon for some unique gift giving items from a few Artisans we’ve selected to be a part of ARLK. I think you’ll really like them. And if you have any thoughts about other things you would like to see in my shop I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again for being a part of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

All my Best,