Embracing Health & Family Time: A Heart-to-Heart with Amy Roloff and Friends

Episode 6 - Season 2

Hey everyone! Join me, Amy Roloff, for a special live stream! I’ll be joined by Lisa Dixon and Debi to delve deep into some amazing topics. **What’s on the agenda?** – **Health**: In today’s times, it’s more important than ever to focus on our well-being. We’ll share our tips, personal stories, and insights on staying healthy and vibrant. – **Second Act**: Because life’s milestones don’t end at 50. We’re embracing every moment, and you can too! We’ll discuss our experiences, lessons, and the joy of discovering new passions later in life. – **Family Time During Holidays**: Ah, the holidays—a time of joy, love, and sometimes a little chaos! We’ll share our favorite memories, traditions, and advice on making the most of family time. Set your reminders and make sure to tune in. Bring your questions, share your stories, and let’s have a heartwarming discussion together! ️ See you all soon, Amy