Balancing Life’s Joys and Challenges: Amy Roloff & Lisa Dixon Live Chat

Hey everyone! I’m excited to invite you all to join Lisa Dixon and me, Amy Roloff, for another engaging live session on November 16th at 4pm PT. Tune in on both my Facebook and YouTube channels as we dive deeper into balancing life’s many aspects – from work and health to family time and personal growth. In this chat, we’ll be recapping our previous discussions and adding a new layer to our conversation. I’ll be sharing my personal journey of taking on a new job at my age and the challenges and triumphs that come with it.

Here’s what we’ll cover: New Chapters: I’ll talk about stepping into a new professional role later in life, and the lessons learned in adapting to change and embracing new opportunities. Family First: With our busy schedules, prioritizing family time, especially with grandchildren, is essential. We’ll discuss how we manage to keep family at the forefront amidst our other commitments. Remote Work Life: Lisa has experience working remotely and will share her perspective on how this can offer flexibility and its own set of challenges. Don’t forget to bring your questions and stories – your participation makes these conversations truly special. I can’t wait to connect with you all again. Let’s learn, share, and inspire each other.

Of course, with the holidays around the corner, I couldn’t miss the chance to share with you something dear to my heart. My new cookbook, “Eat, Love, Gather”, is now live on Amazon, both in hardcover and paperback. It’s more than just recipes—it’s about the memories, stories, and cherished moments we create around the table. You can grab your copy here: []