Amy Roloff & Lisa Dixon Celebrating St. Patrick's Day 🍀 with a Special Appearance by Chris 😍

Amy Roloff & Lisa Dixon Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 🍀 with a Special Appearance by Chris 😍

Season 1 Episode 1

Thank you for joining the Amy Roloff Live podcast! We are just starting this podcast as an extension to our live show with Lisa Dixon and myself, Amy Roloff 🙂

This way you can have access to the live re-run right after we go live on your favorite podcast platform.

In this re-run we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 🍀 with a special appearance by Chris 😍 who will be mixing up a batch of “Magic Coffee!” 🌈 That’s “must see TV” right there! We’ll chat about everything under the sun and take viewer questions as well (drop them in the comments below, or in my Stories on Instagram).



Amy Roloff:        It’s truly live.

Lisa Dixon:          Hey.

Amy Roloff:        Hi Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and whoever else. So-

Lisa Dixon:          Welcome.

Amy Roloff:        Thank you for being on.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        I know this is this crazy thing. Anyway, we’re here for St. Patty’s sake. We’re going to celebrate the good guy, Patrick. He was a Saint, obviously.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        And we’re just going to chit chat, have a little bit of fun. And Chris and the background there right over there, he is making us a special St Patty’s day drink. So we’ll try and give you it’s a tweak on, an Irish coffee type of thing. And-

Chris:                     Well, if you guys are ready, I’m ready. Can I start mixing?

Amy Roloff:        Oh, you’re ready. Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, well, you’re mixing, I’ll do the shout-outs.

Amy Roloff:        Okay.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Debbie:                And I’m going to get out of the way so you can watch him.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, well, don’t go too far Deb.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Debbie:                I know. I’m right here.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, we want to thank all our viewers who watch Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, as Amy said, thank you for all of the wonderful questions and comments that you’ve sent in. We really appreciate the support. We’ve got Erin and Nick, our marketing team method agency, and Navid from Coresand Media and he’s also our producer. So thank you Navid for helping us out every time.

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          We really appreciate it.

Amy Roloff:        Well, in fact, you and I were just talking about Debb has been on our chat, but never hear you. But we were just talking about, we’ve been doing these live chats ever since COVID started, we try to do it every other week, once a month or whatever. And I cannot even believe it’s been two years already-

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Lisa Dixon:          … of not being in one place together. We’ve been doing them separately-

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          … but now we’re all together so we’re back.

Amy Roloff:        I know it’s fun. It’s a good thing. We’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. Well, you want to do some special shout outs to our fans?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. How about I do one? You do two, three-

Lisa Dixon:          Okay.

Amy Roloff:        … I do four, you do five.

Lisa Dixon:          Okay.

Amy Roloff:        You’re doing number three.

Debbie:                Okay.

Amy Roloff:        So from the good old city of New York, New York city. Hi Lisa Rowe.

Lisa Dixon:          Hello. And I’ve got Susan Moore from Boston, Massachusetts.

Debbie:                And I’ve got Kristen Lowe from North Carolina.

Amy Roloff:        Pamela Jones from Medford, Oregon, that’s down south Southern Oregon.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh. Rachel Ingle from Sacramento, California. And we also had Bonnie Patterson from Eugene. She was the first one to log in.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, really? Was she [crosstalk 00:02:45].

Lisa Dixon:          So I just wrote her name down. So we’ve got Tennessee-

Amy Roloff:        Well, look at this, we’ve got Argentina. We have someone from, oh, “Good evening from Ireland.”

Lisa Dixon:          Oh.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Oh my gosh.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, hello.

Amy Roloff:        You know what? Have you been from Ireland? I mean, have you ever visited Ireland?

Debbie:                I have not.

Amy Roloff:        You Chris, have you?

Chris:                     No. I like it.

Amy Roloff:        Well, I guess the place that I visited wouldn’t really be considered Ireland in a lot of ways because it’s part of the UK, but I went to Northern Ireland, Belfast-

Lisa:                       Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        … back in like 2009. I loved it. What a beautiful, beautiful country. But I do remember back then, our driver was giving us a little bit of history of the Northern Ireland and they still call it The Troubles. He goes, “Yeah, The Troubles.” That was when he went into a little bit of the whole thing, but I just thought it was very interesting even back in 2009. There are some individuals because they have a history, they have memories of that family and-

Lisa Dixon:          Of course.

Amy Roloff:        … whatever else was going on, but they still call it the troubles.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s interesting. I didn’t know that.

Amy Roloff:        Chris and I would love to go and see all of that. Like England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Dublin, Dublin is celebrating right now.

Lisa Dixon:          My daughter-in-law’s in England right now, visiting a friend who her husband’s in the military and he is coming back to be a general in the Marines-

Amy Roloff:        Here?

Lisa Dixon:          He’ll be coming back to California.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, wow.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh actually, no, he is going to Washington DC from England, but they’re visiting right now.

Amy Roloff:        A general.

Lisa Dixon:          A general. He’s been in with the Marine for I think.

Amy Roloff:        That’s a long time.

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah. Long time.

Amy Roloff:        Well, my nephew is trying to move to England because he met his wife. I don’t know if he met his wife in India or whatever, but he’s trying to move to England but now he realize that he’s got to come back to the states and get all that paperwork done-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, yes.

Amy Roloff:        … and birth certificates and legalities and all that stuff. And then he can go there to live there. Because they’re going to get married, but he would like to get a job and stuff like that.

Lisa Dixon:          Very cool.

Amy Roloff:        There’s something everywhere, whether it be our country dealing with immigrants or other people’s countries and there’s always protocols. Well, let’s do shout-outs while Chris-

Amy Roloff:        This is so good to have you guys here.

Lisa Dixon:          I love it. It’s fun. Chris is making some noise back there. What is that? And he’s laughing.

Chris:                     That’s the sound of good stuff. Friday night.

Amy Roloff:        Or poker night.

Lisa Dixon:          I don’t know if anybody.

Amy Roloff:        Are you talking about snoring?

Lisa Dixon:          No.

Debbie:                No.

Amy Roloff:        Or something else?

Lisa Dixon:          We’re talking about Ukraine.

Debbie:                Ukraine.

Amy Roloff:        Oh God-

Lisa Dixon:          Late Friday night early? Okay Chris-

Chris:                     I’m here.

Lisa Dixon:          … you have to behave on this show just so you know.

Amy Roloff:        Thank you.

Chris:                     Oh, is this PG?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. This is a PG show.

Lisa Dixon:          I guess. Lisa’s right. I didn’t catch Johnny. Oh dear. I am so slow sub when it comes to that stuff.

Amy Roloff:        .

Chris:                     Bye.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Chris:                     Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Lisa Dixon:          Happy St. Patrick’s.

Amy Roloff:        Cheer you guys.

Lisa Dixon:          Cheers. Salute.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, I wish I could take a … Take a picture of all of this on here.

Lisa Dixon:          I have something we can say in our cheers. Wait, this is an Irish toast Chris, you have to come back.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:06:20].

Chris:                     Oh, okay.

Lisa Dixon:          I have an Irish toast.

Amy Roloff:        You need to take a picture of the screen.

Lisa Dixon:          All right. There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships. And may they always be.

Chris:                     Oh, wow.

Amy Roloff:        Aw.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s an Irish toast.

Chris:                     That’s a good one.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Debbie:                Cheers.

Lisa Dixon:          Cheers.

Chris:                     Cheers.

Amy Roloff:        Babe. You’ll always be my lucky charm.

Chris:                     You too.

Debbie:                I’m take a screenshot.

Lisa Dixon:          Okay.

Debbie:                Just really quick.

Amy Roloff:        Anyway. We’ve got Argentina. Everyone is saying hi to you, Chris. We have a Michigana.

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        Which is very, very exciting. Some people from Ireland too. I am so, so thankful. Middletown cord. I don’t know what that is. Cumberland.

Lisa Dixon:          Chile.

Amy Roloff:        Bullhead City, Arizona.

Debbie:                Ooh, Arizona.

Amy Roloff:        West Virginia.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, “Hi, from Ireland.” Katrina, Africa, Cape town-

Amy Roloff:        Oh my God.

Lisa Dixon:          … South Africa.

Amy Roloff:        We have Brazil and Georgia.

Lisa Dixon:          Pittsburgh.

Amy Roloff:        Philly.

Debbie:                Oh my gosh.

Amy Roloff:        Toronto, Canada. We have Mexico. Tony from Mexico.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        Massachusetts.

Lisa Dixon:          Walla, walla.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, we even have a Jersey girl.

Debbie:                Washington DC.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, Washington, DC because you have a daughter there.

Debbie:                I have a daughter there.

Lisa Dixon:          Portugal.

Amy Roloff:        Portugal. Yes.

Debbie:                Wow.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        Georgia. Oh, CA City, Michigan.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:07:52].

Amy Roloff:        Oh, I know where you are. Tennessee. Knoxville, Tennessee.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:07:57].

Amy Roloff:        Hey Chris. Where’d you go?

Lisa Dixon:          He’s out of here.

Amy Roloff:        He’s fine.

Lisa Dixon:          He liked doing this, but it’s really not his thing.

Debbie:                We just need-

Amy Roloff:        Wait a minute. I want another one. No.

Lisa Dixon:          Check in later.

Debbie:                Mexico-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, it’s Middletown, Connecticut. She typed back Columbia, North Carolina, Maine-

Debbie:                Southern California.

Amy Roloff:        Oh my God.

Lisa Dixon:          Argentina.

Amy Roloff:        Isn’t that kind of funny? Farmington. Oh, Farmington, New Mexico. I was thinking Mexico. She’s in England-

Debbie:                England.

Amy Roloff:        … Debb. Hi from England. Shaboygan, Michigan.

Lisa Dixon:          Shaboygan.

Amy Roloff:        We have Peru, little rock Arkansas.

Lisa Dixon:          Awesome.

Debbie:                Wow.

Amy Roloff:        New York.

Lisa Dixon:          Athens, Georgia.

Amy Roloff:        Wow. You guys thank you so much for being on.

Lisa Dixon:          Thank you.

Amy Roloff:        I don’t know what you guys are doing for St. Patty’s Day. I don’t think I’d really ever formally have gone out and celebrated.

Debbie:                Oh, yeah.

Amy Roloff:        Do you know how people go to the bars [crosstalk 00:08:53].

Debbie:                Single.

Amy Roloff:        I am such a, I don’t know. What is it?

Lisa Dixon:          Goody two-shoes.

Amy Roloff:        Goody two-shoes or just leg. I don’t know. But my sister is married to her husband Kathy, my sister to John. And he is very much Irish. I think his dad may have come from Ireland or his grandfather, but they’re very Irish and also Catholic. But yeah, it’s very interesting, when it comes to St. Patty’s Day when I’ve gone over to their house and everything and celebrated that.

Lisa Dixon:          And also wanted to say, we’re praying for peace for all of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. If everybody could just take a minute and do a prayer, we’d really appreciate that.

Amy Roloff:        And I think the other thing too, is that there’s a lot of organizations out there. Be sure you vet them out and make sure if you are able to give or do something to support and especially helping all of those refugees that have left Ukraine. Because I’m still not sure. I think there’s some organizations that are able to go into Ukraine and help.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        But I’m sure that’s a dice situation right now. But you have to take the information that we receive even in the states with a grain of salt, but can you imagine living somewhere and your news is all shut off everything, that’s, I think what the county did in Russia, but everything is shut down … Social media and the internet and technology has really enabled us to reach out across the world. I mean, look at all you guys on here.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Not only across the states but other countries.

Lisa Dixon:          International. Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Prayers and-

Lisa Dixon:          Prayers.

Amy Roloff:        … thoughts. And if you are able to find an organization that you think is worthy to give to so that they can help, because I can’t imagine leaving everything with just this suitcase or backpack really-

Lisa Dixon:          Right.

Amy Roloff:        … wondering where food is, where’s water. You’re not even sure if you’re going to go days without it. All of those kids and pets.

Debbie:                Little kids, pets.

Amy Roloff:        Little kids pets.

Debbie:                Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. Just take a moment and if you can do anything, do something please do because people across the world need our help to reach out as well. Well we have a lot of great photo cover today and-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, do we?

Lisa Dixon:          Also be ready-

Amy Roloff:        Do we now Lisa?

Lisa Dixon:          … for a giveaway at the end of the show, four lucky winners will receive an autograph book from Amy. Wait for the code at the end or towards the end and you-

Amy Roloff:        And I’m getting very low on these books. So when we give them away, there’s not many left. I’ll probably keep one box for myself. I don’t know why-

Lisa Dixon:          You need one box?

Amy Roloff:        I know why I’m not sure, but I hope you enjoyed the read. I hope those of you who have purchased the book or maybe have won one of the giveaways and stuff like that. So hopefully you’ll enjoy that story at that part in part of my life.

Lisa Dixon:          Fun.

Lisa Dixon:          All right. Well, let’s get started. Did you know that St Patrick’s day is like a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th unbeknownst to Debb who just thought it was going to the bars and partying.

Debbie:                That’s all-

Lisa Dixon:          … for drinking.

Debbie:                But it’s more than that?

Amy Roloff:        Of course.

Amy Roloff:        … St. Patrick was the patron of Ireland and brought Christianity to Ireland.

Debbie:                Really?

Lisa Dixon:          Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Amy Roloff:        But the thing is he left another country. I think, I think he left England and went to Ireland.

Lisa Dixon:          In his teens.

Amy Roloff:        In his teens.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. In his teens. But I also think from my history, I mean, this was a while ago. I should have done a little more research before we got on, but Ireland, because I think England ruled over Ireland at the time back in St. Patty’s Day. It was considered that’s where all the criminals and everyone else went to. And so I think that’s why-

Lisa Dixon:          To leave the country.

Amy Roloff:        … one of the reasons why he went there, because he might have been ostracized for whatever he might have done or something.

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah. So there’s so much to it. I mean, even with St Patrick, he lived 40 years dedicating his entire life to spreading the gospel and living in poverty. He died March 17th in Ireland, where he is, where he established and built his first church.

Debbie:                And that’s why they celebrate.

Lisa Dixon:          So that’s why they celebrate.

Debbie:                Got you.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s why they celebrate.

Amy Roloff:        And he lived for 40 years.

Lisa Dixon:          And there’s rumor that he was Roman.

Amy Roloff:        Which was huge back in those days.

Lisa Dixon:          Which was Italian. So St. Patrick was Italian. Even though for me-

Amy Roloff:        She’s just saying it already Italian.

Lisa Dixon:          Saying at St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s still-

Amy Roloff:        Well, so he actually came from Italy?

Lisa Dixon:          His parents were Roman descent. .

Amy Roloff:        Oh. Now were getting the story

Lisa Dixon:          Lived in England and then-Well, he was born in England, I think.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. So, but Roman-

Amy Roloff:        Well, he was born in England, I think So he’s English.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, the blood has a little to do with it too. Well, I had some fun things we can read.

Amy Roloff:        But you know what, I don’t know. It’d be any of you from Ireland. What I would really be interested in to know, as you celebrate St. Patty’s Day has the purpose and the meaning as we Google it and stuff like that been lost or is it just St. Patty’s Day we celebrate. Do we really understand what we’re celebrating?

Lisa Dixon:          Well, we’ve got some fun facts and Debb can read off a couple of these and it’ll explain.

Amy Roloff:        Well, the other thing I was going to say too, is that as turmoil goes on here in the states to some degree, do you have any statutes? Do you have anything that represents St Patty’s that you can go to or something? Or is this just the luck of the Irish and a legend?

Lisa Dixon:          Good information.

Debbie:                Interesting. You want me to go with the first one?

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Debbie:                The original color of St Patrick’s followers is actually blue, not green.

Amy Roloff:        Did you guys hear that? The color of St Patty’s day was actually blue and not green? Now I wonder why blue? Did we not find that one?

Lisa Dixon:          No, that was just-

Amy Roloff:        Why blue? Do you guys know any history of this?

Debbie:                And green is symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day due to the lush green landscapes that make up the most of Ireland.

Lisa Dixon:          So that’s why it went-

Amy Roloff:        Well, don’t we call Ireland the Emerald.

Lisa Dixon:          Emrald City.

Amy Roloff:        And that’s why the rainbows, the pot of gold. If you guys can’t see it, see.

Lisa Dixon:          She put gold on.

Amy Roloff:        We got gold on here.

Lisa Dixon:          She’s blinging today.

Amy Roloff:        I don’t know. We’re just going on a back finding thing for St. Patty’s Day, but-

Lisa Dixon:          When I hear St. Patrick’s birth name was Maewyn Succat.

Amy Roloff:        Succat?

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah.

Amy Roloff:        But see, I remember that because I think one of my kids may have had to do a report-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, yeah.

Amy Roloff:        … on a Saint or I don’t know. I just remember that. And so why I would’ve read that. I’m not sure, but yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, and the first parade, it’s not on our little thing, but the first parade was in Boston, Massachusetts.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, that’s huge. Huge Irish.

Lisa Dixon:          Ireland didn’t jump into celebrate until 200 years later.

Amy Roloff:        Wow.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. So I think it was one of those-

Amy Roloff:        American nice things?

Lisa Dixon:          American Hallmark moments. I don’t know. Did they have hallmark-

Amy Roloff:        Well, we might always have to find a reason to celebrate and drink for something some.

Debbie:                And isn’t it in Chicago where they color the river green.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s not longer here too, but yes.

Amy Roloff:        But I can’t remember what river that is. Because they don’t call her the light green.

Lisa Dixon:          I’ve been there but I have-

Lisa Dixon:          The river.

Amy Roloff:        I don’t know what river that is. That’s very interesting. And Boston there’s a lot of Irish people there or descendants or whatever.

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Amy Roloff:        That does not surprise me. Even a little bit of New York too and stuff. That’s interesting. So they didn’t celebrate it for 200 years later?

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah.

Amy Roloff:        That is funny.

Lisa Dixon:          And the three leafed clover plant, which I’ve got on my shirt-

Amy Roloff:        Oh I have my little earrings.

Lisa Dixon:          … called the Shamrock is linked to Patrick as he’s described as the Christian Holy Trinity. God was a-

Amy Roloff:        Yep. So God, Jesus, Holy Spirit?

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah.

Amy Roloff:        When that means, when you do find the poor leaf clover. Good luck.

Lisa Dixon:          Good luck.

Amy Roloff:        I feel like we’re at a school report here.

Lisa Dixon:          Right. It just keeps us organized.

Amy Roloff:        You know what? We have to say, you guys, I would just be rambling on and some people would like that because who knows what I’d say? And sometimes I’d get myself in trouble, but Lisa does. She’s that side of me that I’m not-

Lisa Dixon:          Well, we have to be organized.

Amy Roloff:        She is organized. And so I want to give a huge shout out to her.

Lisa Dixon:          Thank you.

Amy Roloff:        She does well.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        She does well on that.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, you’re going to do something really fun right now.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          We skipped the coffee, but tell us-

Amy Roloff:        No, this is.

Lisa Dixon:          Tell us what you made.

Amy Roloff:        Well-

Lisa Dixon:          … with our coffee.

Amy Roloff:        One of the questions was, I can’t remember who it was. We’ll get to it. But one of the questions was, in America what is the typical Irish dinner that we make now you make-

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:18:25].

Amy Roloff:        But you made a soup.

Debbie:                Oh, I made a Ruben soup.

Amy Roloff:        I saw that.

Debbie:                That was amazing.

Amy Roloff:        It was more cream based.

Debbie:                And it was sauerkraut, corn beef.

Amy Roloff:        And then cabbage and stuff.

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Debbie:                It was so good.

Amy Roloff:        Well, I typically make corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. Sometimes I didn’t do the sauerkraut because kids just turn their nose up at it. What are you doing?

Lisa Dixon:          Edo’s saying that it’s bacon and cabbage and she’s from Ireland.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Bacon and cabbage here in Ireland. I would think it’s that thick cut of bacon.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yeah.

Amy Roloff:        And then someone asked me, “Do you do the traditional, corn beef, cabbage, sauerkraut. I think I did potatoes. Or do you do the Irish stew? Now I’m not sure in America, unless you’re Irish or have that history of Irish because Irish stew has made more with lamb.

Lisa Dixon:          I’ve never had Irish stew.

Amy Roloff:        I think I have.

Debbie:                I don’t think I have either.

Amy Roloff:        Isn’t that crazy? I think I’d have to make, but I think typically in America we make it with beef and then add those flavors.

Lisa Dixon:          Interesting.

Amy Roloff:        That would be in an Irish stew, but we just don’t use lamb.

Lisa Dixon:          You need to-

Amy Roloff:        I would say a lot of people don’t use lamb because it’s got to be-

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:19:42] corn beef in Ireland. It’s a big pink cornish when … Sorry. Sorry. Your comments go by so fast. So-

Amy Roloff:        Well, corn beef is a beef.

Lisa Dixon:          But again, that’s an American thing, kind of like cheese whiz.

Amy Roloff:        I wouldn’t be surprised. Well, the thing is when you think of Ireland being on an island, it’s not to say that they don’t have cows because they have a lot of cheese. Ireland has a lot of cheese and I think-

Lisa Dixon:          Better dairy products.

Amy Roloff:        … they get it from cows and then probably goats and whatever, but I think their typical one is sheep for the whole and the fur and the milk, goats milk, no sheep, no sheep doesn’t have milk. Goats, no. But do we drink sheep?

Lisa Dixon:          No. They make cheese out of sheep.

Amy Roloff:        I know, but we don’t drink sheep milk.

Lisa Dixon:          I don’t know. There’s oat milk, sheep milk, goat milk. All kinds of milk.

Amy Roloff:        I know goat milk.

Lisa Dixon:          Almond milk, I don’t know.

Amy Roloff:        I think sheep for their fur, when you share them and their wool and sweaters. And all that stuff.

Lisa Dixon:          But they make that cheese of the sheep. Back to what you did to go with our coffee.

Amy Roloff:        See in new farmland they call it salt beef, because it was a way of preserving it.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh right. Well that makes sense.

Amy Roloff:        Sorry. You know what? You guys-

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:21:05] cheese.

Amy Roloff:        … these comments go by so fast. I’m trying to-

Lisa Dixon:          No Maureen says-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, St. Patrick was Italian.

Debbie:                Ooh. Lisa.

Amy Roloff:        So he was not born in England then?

Lisa Dixon:          No, he was from Roman parents.

Amy Roloff:        Well that-

Lisa Dixon:          That makes you Italian. I’m Italian. I wasn’t born in-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, yeah. That’s true. Well I’m English. My grandfather was born in England.

Lisa Dixon:          Why don’t you go get the cupcakes? We’ve gone down the rabbit hole around and down and up.

Amy Roloff:        But isn’t that fun?

Lisa Dixon:          It is fun.

Amy Roloff:        Anyway, let’s revert back. I would like to make traditional Irish food one day.

Debbie:                I have.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:21:46].

Amy Roloff:        Because I’m usually not a fan of lamb probably because I’m not used to the flavor and the taste of it, but it does taste different. But anyway, besides the point, so I made these cupcakes and I’m going to have to tweak the recipe. The frosting to me is to die for. But the chocolate cake part, it tastes good, but I was wondering why it was like crumbly.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, let’s-

Amy Roloff:        And so I think what I have to tweak in the recipe because I was in a hurry, so I thought I’d take a shortcut. And when it comes to baking, sometimes short cup-

Lisa Dixon:          Cut.

Amy Roloff:        … shortcut are not worth the bother. So I think I should have-

Debbie:                Especially I baking.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Especially in banking. So I didn’t take the time to boil the Guinness beer.

Lisa Dixon:          There’s Guinness in these cupcakes?

Amy Roloff:        Yes. There’s beer in it.

Lisa Dixon:          A lot?

Amy Roloff:        But when you boil it which … It’s like when you add wine to food and you let the liquor boil off, you get that intense flavor and of the wine much more than if you just pour wine in and, “Okay, here you go.” And I think that’s the same with the Guinness beer. Well, I didn’t do that. So it has a taste of Guinness beer, but it doesn’t. I substituted butter instead of oil. Well, butter is very good when it comes to baking certain things, but I think when it comes to a cupcake and or a cake sometime, because believe me, I’m not a baker oil it gives a little more moisture and stuff like that to it.

Amy Roloff:        And I think there was one other thing. But anyway, so I’m going to get my cupcakes and we’re going to have some cupcakes here, but look for this recipe for Guinness chocolate cupcakes and a brown buttercream with a hint Baileys frosting. Anyway. And oh, by the way, Lisa and I dabbed our finger in the frost too.

Debbie:                Ooh.

Lisa Dixon:          I used to spoon. I used to spoon.

Amy Roloff:        Well, whatever. We’re going to have … Oh no, I’m going to bring it on over here.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, wow.

Amy Roloff:        Because we are going to see this frosting. You guys.

Lisa Dixon:          What’s in the frosting because that’s my favorite part.

Amy Roloff:        Debb you have to help.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:24:02].

Amy Roloff:        It’s okay.

Lisa Dixon:          Give us both a spoon. I’ll have a little more.

Amy Roloff:        Oh brother.

Lisa Dixon:          We need three spoons.

Amy Roloff:        She loves it.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yeah.

Amy Roloff:        I wish you guys could have some of this, but I’ll it here.

Debbie:                We’ll have some for you guys.

Lisa Dixon:          What’s in this? That’s a little bite.

Amy Roloff:        Well I didn’t know how much you wanted. Here you go. Oh, brown. Here you go.

Debbie:                Right.

Lisa Dixon:          What’s-

Amy Roloff:        The one thing about brown butter is that-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my world.

Amy Roloff:        … you should not cook it very fast because you’ll end up burning the milk salads and the salt. So be patient take your time when you do brown butter for any recipe that calls for brown butter or that you think you can do brown butter for. Anyway-

Debbie:                Do you know what it tastes like? It tastes like whipped caramels.

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Debbie:                It’s like caramel.

Lisa Dixon:          Like caramel corn-

Amy Roloff:        But it’s brown butter, powdered sugar. I did not put any vanilla in this because I thought it was flavored enough. I put in a little bit of Bailey’s, oh and espresso-

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        … powder, espresso powder.

Lisa Dixon:          See that? Look at that.

Amy Roloff:        Oh brothers.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my God.

Amy Roloff:        These are the chocolate cupcakes.

Lisa Dixon:          You’re going to frost the cup … Tell us what’s in the cupcakes.

Amy Roloff:        Well, just flour cocoa powder and-

Lisa Dixon:          So you took a basic chocolate-

Amy Roloff:        … brown sugar.

Lisa Dixon:          … recipe?

Amy Roloff:        I limited the white sugar because I wanted more of that. Rich molassly-

Lisa Dixon:          Molassly.

Amy Roloff:        … flavor, brown sugar.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        And I’ll tell you, my house must be cold because frosting never-

Debbie:                You don’t put that much on mine.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yes.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:25:49].

Amy Roloff:        Oh, you know what? I’m so sorry. I did not get you a plate.

Debbie:                You don’t think-

Amy Roloff:        Well, there’s napkins over there. Oh yeah. Chris was supposed to have one. Oh, you know what? I keep forgetting. Chris does not like chocolate.

Lisa Dixon:          He doesn’t?

Debbie:                Chris doesn’t?

Amy Roloff:        Can you believe that? He doesn’t like chocolate cake for some reason.

Lisa Dixon:          Even with Guinness in it?

Amy Roloff:        He’ll have chocolate if it’s like candy or something, but he just doesn’t like chocolate cake. I mean, what craziness is that?

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Amy Roloff:        Here you can set this down.

Lisa Dixon:          Sometimes chocolate cake can be dry so he-

Amy Roloff:        Well this is. So as I was going to say, this recipe will be forthcoming, but I need to tweak the cupcake thing. So I got to make another batch. And of course I got plenty of frosting.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my. I could keep that.

Debbie:                Can you freeze that?

Amy Roloff:        Oh, I probably could, but I will probably bake another batch right away. Because I was supposed to give some of these-

Lisa Dixon:          So good.

Debbie:                I feel bad for eating in front of everybody.

Amy Roloff:        But know what I did? I threw away all the cupcakes except these-

Lisa Dixon:          Why?

Debbie:                Why?

Amy Roloff:        Because I did not like it. If I don’t-

Lisa Dixon:          She said you’re perfectionist.

Amy Roloff:        … like it and see how crumbly it is?

Debbie:                She’s her worst cook.

Amy Roloff:        You have to take a bite. You can’t just. And so when I didn’t like it, I’m like, “No, I can’t do this.”

Lisa Dixon:          Well, there’s different textures but different it’s okay. We’re going to take a bite.

Amy Roloff:        Are you now? Are you really?

Debbie:                We did.

Amy Roloff:        I think I’m going to substitute oil for the butter and see if that creates a little more moisture. The cupcake is really good.

Lisa Dixon:          It’s very good.

Amy Roloff:        It’s just crumbly.

Lisa Dixon:          It’s very good.

Amy Roloff:        Anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Debbie:                It’s really good.

Lisa Dixon:          You did an amazing job as usual.

Amy Roloff:        “We have a happy St. Patty’s Day from Dublin, Ireland,” and that is from Rochelle Murphy. Oh and we locally here in Hillsborough, we have a place called Murphy’s furniture. And I’m always curious as to the owners, by being Murphy’s furniture, if someone in the family-

Lisa Dixon:          Probably.

Amy Roloff:        … is from Ireland. And then we have a happy St. Patrick’s day from Dublin, Ireland. Happy. Oh no. Are we saying happy?

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah. They’re saying happy.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, okay. Helen Shepherd on Instagram. Rochelle Murphy was on Facebook and Kim Bright on Facebook, “Do you have any Irish ancestors?” Well, I’ll tell you truth, not that I’m aware of. I have them from England, but I don’t think from Ireland.

Lisa Dixon:          You haven’t done an ancestry thing?

Amy Roloff:        No. And oh, look at Lisa she’s.

Debbie:                I know I was going to do the same thing-

Amy Roloff:        Here-

Debbie:                But I figured you’re going to call me out on it.

Lisa Dixon:          No. That’s all right.

Debbie:                .

Lisa Dixon:          The mocha and the frosting just makes like-

Amy Roloff:        There you go.

Debbie:                And you can taste the Guinness.

Lisa Dixon:          The Guinness is really good.

Amy Roloff:        It’s subtle but-

Lisa Dixon:          I want to pan in water in the oven wall cooking and keep it moist.

Amy Roloff:        You know what? I can see that. I can understand that too.

Lisa Dixon:          But they’re still good. It’s not like they’re dry.

Debbie:                They’re not.

Amy Roloff:        They’re just crumbling.

Lisa Dixon:          They’re very good.

Amy Roloff:        They don’t hold together. They fall apart.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, but the frosting keeps it together.

Amy Roloff:        They’re not dry, but they are dry. It’s very weird.

Lisa Dixon:          It’s good. They’re very good. Somebody Lily on Instagram asked to flow of a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day.

Debbie:                A pint?

Lisa Dixon:          A pint. Is she getting it? What are you doing, Amy?

Amy Roloff:        This is what I put in the cupcakes.

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Debbie:                Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        I have a little bit of Guinness.

Lisa Dixon:          Yummy.

Amy Roloff:        Extra stout. In order to enhance those flavors, I needed to put this in a sauce panel along with the brown sugar and stuff and just decrease some of the liquid, so you enhance the flavor, intensify the flavors a little more. I don’t know. I have three bottles, one for the cupcakes, new cupcakes I’m going to make and maybe I will.

Lisa Dixon:          I loves darker.

Debbie:                Cheers.

Lisa Dixon:          In Jamaica where my husband’s from, they put sweet and condensed milk and mix it with Guinness and drink it.

Amy Roloff:        So it’s creamy.

Lisa Dixon:          No, it’s really good.

Amy Roloff:        Is it good?

Lisa Dixon:          It’s very good.

Debbie:                Never heard of that.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. Pretty yummy.

Amy Roloff:        That just seems too sweet.

Lisa Dixon:          No, it was good.

Amy Roloff:        And this is the person, Vicky. W on Instagram was asking me, am I an Irish stew or corn beef kind of person? And I would have to say I’m more of a corn beef, but if I made Irish stew, I probably did it without the lamb, did it with beef, but enhanced some of those flavors in it.

Lisa Dixon:          Cool. All right. Well here’s some more questions-

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. You know what someone did sour cream will also give you moisture. There is sour cream in this as well, but I’m just thinking the egg. No, not the egg-

Debbie:                The oil, the butter.

Amy Roloff:        … the butter. I don’t know. Because I’ve made these before, and of course you think I can find that recipe? No.

Lisa Dixon:          We’ll figure it out.

Amy Roloff:        But anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          Here’s the big question of the day.

Amy Roloff:        What?

Lisa Dixon:          The biggest question of the day-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, it is.

Lisa Dixon:          … that everybody’s asked, when is the next season of Little People, Big World?She’s not going to say.

Debbie:                She’s not going to answer.

Amy Roloff:        You know what? I really don’t know because they don’t let us know that in advance. And so, we are filming episodes, so I would hope there’s going to be a new season coming out. And so it could be around like it was last year. I would say anywhere from late spring to sometime in the summer. So Just keep looking back on TLC, because they may make an announcement before I even know.

Lisa Dixon:          They do that.

Amy Roloff:        And so keep looking back on the Discovery+ plus or TLC or TLC Go or something like that. But yeah, keep looking back on that. And you’ll probably know when I know.

Lisa Dixon:          Well here’s another question from Baraba O’Donnell, “Any vacations plan for this summer?”

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. Well I know I’ve mentioned it before. I tell you guys, this frosting is so-

Lisa Dixon:          It is so good.

Amy Roloff:        … darn addicting. Did you eat it all?

Debbie:                Not yet.

Amy Roloff:        Well, come on Debb. She’s like the skinniest one here.

Debbie:                Shush.

Amy Roloff:        I’m like, yes, you can afford to eat a cupcake.

Debbie:                I will eat it. I promise.

Amy Roloff:        Well I’ve mentioned it before on the live, but Chris and I are going to take a motorcycle ride to Alaska, so that is going to be really fun and exciting. And so, we go the back roads. We just don’t take all-

Lisa Dixon:          That’s going on major freeways.

Amy Roloff:        I think I’m more worried about being cold because it can be cold still. So we’re going to go up through Oregon, Washington through British Columbia and just get into the Southeastern part of Alaska.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s going to be so fun.

Amy Roloff:        I do not know what’s happening with people or Alaska, but we were hoping to really take the ferry from the inner waterways there and come all the way down.

Debbie:                Wow.

Amy Roloff:        We looked at it like early January. We thought six months was going to be plenty of time. Nope. All booked. All-

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        … sold out.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        And the ferry doesn’t go that often. And so-

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        … we were thinking, well, do we ship the bike back and have to fly back from Anchorage or whatever, but then I mentioned to Chris, because we’re going with three other people. I said, “Chris, you know what? We’ve done day rides, but we’ve never been on a motorcycle ride together for overnight or spending some time.” And so I said, “Yeah, be an extra week about, on a motorcycle ride.”

Lisa Dixon:          That’s a lot.

Amy Roloff:        But we might say, “Oh, we should have flown home.” But I-

Lisa Dixon:          That’s your life story-

Amy Roloff:        Well, for me, I just really wanted to like, do we enjoy doing it together? It’s just going to be you and I in the middle of nowhere and all of this stuff. So I’m really looking forward to that part of the trip as well when it’s just he and I, and we can maybe deviate a little bit because we won’t have other people-

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:34:27] a lot of fun.

Amy Roloff:        … with us or following us. That is to me is the big trip. But we also maybe going to Italy because all the poker guys they’ve been together for so long that every five years they do a big trip.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        And so they’re going to Italy and so, the wives will go. And so we’ll do our few days, they’ll do their few days and then we’ll come together for a few days. And then Chris and I really got to get going on that trip too, but Alaska’s the big one.

Lisa Dixon:          Very.

Amy Roloff:        So I got to look for a new helmet, I got to look for a jacket, I got to look for reindeer.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        Because-

Lisa Dixon:          That’s a lot.

Amy Roloff:        … I don’t want to be cold.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:35:05].

Amy Roloff:        It’s a big trip. I don’t want to be cold. But we got hello from Texas.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yeah. Someone said good test on the relationship. I think that’s true.

Amy Roloff:        I do too. Don’t do think?

Lisa Dixon:          I love it.

Amy Roloff:        See, Chris is in here right now. I do too. I thought, if this is something we want to do and in our retirement, because we’re far from retiring right now, I just thought that would be a good thing.

Lisa Dixon:          Very cool. Let’s see what else we have. From Mexico, Ohio. I was trying to grab a question. If there was a question from the audience. Let’s see. Anything going? Well I’ll grab another one and then you can look to see if-

Debbie:                Got to go so fast.

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Amy Roloff:        Don’t they? We have Lake George. Oh, someone lives in Anchorage, Cape town. We have Australia. Do you ride around Australia? Well, I think if we did Australia, we’d probably have to fly there and rent bikes.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yeah.

Amy Roloff:        And the other three people that were with our renting bikes, but we’re taking the bike that we have because sometimes renting I’m the only passenger and those rental bikes may not always have armrest or back and being short and short arms, I tell you, there is no way I’m going to go that long without a back rest or having-

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:36:26].

Amy Roloff:        … I feel like I’m sitting there as well.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, Chris modified his bike for you. So that’s not something you could just go rent. Very cool. Somebody asks Kat R.

Amy Roloff:        Hang on. Lake Michigan. I know where you’re at. Not far from where my sister lives. Sorry. Go on.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s okay. What are some of your favorite TV shows and movies right now?

Debbie:                Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        Gosh. Well, you know what?

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:36:51] Instagram.

Amy Roloff:        A lot of them are coming back with their next season. Sweet Magnolias. I want to see Virgin River. See how that whole thing goes. I love Bridgerton. We’re watching Space Force with Steve-

Lisa Dixon:          Steve Carell.

Debbie:                Carell.

Amy Roloff:        Carell. You have a show that I want to check out Bosch or-

Debbie:                Bosch? Is one of them.

Amy Roloff:        Yep. It’s like a detective show.

Debbie:                Just love that one.

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        I like that, The Fabulous Miss Maisel.

Debbie:                Marvelous. Mrs. Maisel.

Amy Roloff:        Marvelous Miss Maisel.

Lisa Dixon:          You were mentioning that. That’s cool.

Amy Roloff:        Chris is into, we’re watching a lot of the season NCIS I mean Mark Harmon. He’s been on that show for a long time. I really like him. I mean he and Pam Dawber still married. Have been married for a long time because Pam Dawber was on Mork & Mindy.

Debbie:                Mork & Mindy.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yes.

Amy Roloff:        And she’s done some other shows and specials and she was on this one show. I think she had a daughter and I can’t remember what that was named, but anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          But Anne says he’s from Walton, Oregon. That’s just-

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:38:01] from us.

Amy Roloff:        Someone has hop, skip and jump.

Lisa Dixon:          Someone else, if you’ve watched Ozark. Have you seen-

Debbie:                Oh, I love Ozark.

Amy Roloff:        You know what?

Lisa Dixon:          I can see him.

Debbie:                I love it.

Amy Roloff:        There’s two shows that I thought I would like and I think I have to go back and start them over again because Ozark was like, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, this is a little-”

Lisa Dixon:          .

Amy Roloff:        One of the shows my daughters are into, I think one of my daughter-in-laws Outlander.

Debbie:                Outlander?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Outlander.

Debbie:                And then there’s catastrophe.

Amy Roloff:        Catastrophe? How good is that? I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Well, Yellowstone-

Lisa Dixon:          When do you time for all these?

Debbie:                Oh, I a couple days a week.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh.

Amy Roloff:        Well Yellowstone. I watched that for the first season and then that like, but I want to go back to that because I want to see the prequel 1853 with-

Debbie:                Tim McGraw?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Tim McGraw. And-

Lisa Dixon:          Here’s the microphone?

Debbie:                His wife. What’s his name for name?

Amy Roloff:        Why is this escaping me? Let’s see.

Lisa Dixon:          His wife, Faith Hill.

Debbie:                It’s Hill.

Amy Roloff:        Faith Hill.

Debbie:                There we go.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, and I-

Amy Roloff:        No, we are not drunk yet-

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:39:11] said that?

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          I still have a half a cup-

Amy Roloff:        We just have a very good time together.

Lisa Dixon:          If anything it’s from the frosting. That’s the big thing.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, she says it’s 1883. I think you’re right. I thought it was 1853. Yeah, because it had to be after the civil war.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, very cool. All right. Well how about any chance that you’re cooking videos on Instagram could be made oh, into a TV show.

Debbie:                Ooh.

Lisa Dixon:          Shelly N on Instagram. Who knows? Something could come up. Who knows?

Amy Roloff:        Oh, what is the vacation spot you’ve always wanted to visit? Yes, I am switching notes here. All over the place to tell you the truth. I want to revisit all of our own country America. I would love to do the old south and really get into the history and stuff like that and the Southern homes and just really understand that history. The other thing is I’d love to go along the Appalachian Mountains. I always wanted to do a hike, a little bit of the Appalachian Mountains.

Amy Roloff:        And the other place I really want to go back and visit is Northeast of the United States, like Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine, and then cross on over to Canada and go to Nova Scotia and prince Edward Island. I want to revisit those areas.

Lisa Dixon:          Well have you guys seen Cyrano, the movie Cyrano yet?

Amy Roloff:        Oh, is that out yet?

Lisa Dixon:          Yes it’s-

Amy Roloff:        No. Is it in theaters or what?

Lisa Dixon:          No, I saw it on Netflix.

Amy Roloff:        I think so.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my gosh. I watched it last week.

Amy Roloff:        Are you serious weekend? And you didn’t remind me?

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my gosh. You have to watch that.

Amy Roloff:        What was it?

Lisa Dixon:          Cyrano.

Debbie:                Cyrano.

Amy Roloff:        Is with Peter Dinklage. I don’t know about you, but he-

Lisa Dixon:          I have chills right now-

Amy Roloff:        … is a fabulous, fabulous actor. I love his whole thinking on his career and everything really picking parts and-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my God.

Amy Roloff:        … pieces that really speak to him that he would really like to portray and show and not be locked into a character because he is a little person a dwarf. I really admire him.

Debbie:                I’ll watch it.

Amy Roloff:        And I saw an interview of him talking about Sarah. You told me that before, I wasn’t sure. That’s my new Netflix. Oh, can’t answer the phone now.

Lisa Dixon:          Sorry.

Amy Roloff:        I can’t the phone. take his number?

Debbie:                No. I have Isabelle’s.

Amy Roloff:        You guys. I am watching my youngest grandchild today.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yeah. That leads us right into grandchildren.

Amy Roloff:        He’s calling me right now.

Debbie:                I can text Izzy.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Text Izzy and say, “Hey, Amy still on a live. If you guys are ready to come on over, feel free-

Lisa Dixon:          Awesome.

Amy Roloff:        … we’re here. Just hang out.”

Lisa Dixon:          Oh. And I wanted to say my friend, Mary Geren is watching us and Rochelle is watching us-

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. Hi Rochelle and Mary. Yep.

Lisa Dixon:          And Lily, last time she said hi but-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, yeah. Lily. Hi Lily. Lily is Rochelle’s youngest daughter-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, middle daughter now.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. Middle daughter. I’ve known Rochelle for quite some time. Probably since about 2008, 2009. But Lisa has known her quite a long time. And now Rochelle works for her because Lisa has her own business and into the insurance health coverage broker. So she’s been doing that for a long time.

Lisa Dixon:          Amy might get into that someday too. Would you like to see Amy being a rep and talking to you about your benefits? That could happen?

Amy Roloff:        Or Medicare.

Lisa Dixon:          Medicare specialist.

Debbie:                I got my Medicare card today.

Lisa Dixon:          Congratulations.

Amy Roloff:        I know.

Lisa Dixon:          Woo.

Amy Roloff:        You guys. We may be old enough to start thinking about that, but we’re young at heart. So don’t be checking us off.

Lisa Dixon:          Is there a name for the 60s club?

Debbie:                Let’s think of one.

Lisa Dixon:          Because Amy’s going to be the big Six O in September.

Amy Roloff:        And so is Chris.

Lisa Dixon:          And I turned Six O in November of last year, so oh my God.

Amy Roloff:        You know what? Go on. Sorry.

Lisa Dixon:          Anyway. So-

Amy Roloff:        And Lisa’s definitely a little older than us.

Lisa Dixon:          Much [crosstalk 00:43:38].

Amy Roloff:        She doesn’t look old.

Lisa Dixon:          Red hat. Someone said red hat.

Amy Roloff:        No. Yes, yes.

Lisa Dixon:          Does that mean 60?

Amy Roloff:        55 and older. You guys, we could form our own chapter of red hats lady. Oh my God. You guys [crosstalk 00:43:53] is you can. If there’s anyone out there in the red hat society, especially in the Hillsborough area or anywhere, I don’t care. Do you like it? Is it worth it? Because of COVID, is it still a thing or is it just a social thing? Or give me an idea of what the red hat society is like. And do you like it? And are you still a part of it? That’s what I want to know.

Lisa Dixon:          And maybe just bling it up a little.

Amy Roloff:        I know, right?

Lisa Dixon:          I don’t-

Amy Roloff:        This person says she doesn’t look a day over-

Lisa Dixon:          50.

Amy Roloff:        No, 40.

Lisa Dixon:          45?

Amy Roloff:        I’m like, “Yeah, I know.” She’s crazy.

Lisa Dixon:          Why red hat? Someone said why red hat.

Amy Roloff:        I think because it’s colorful. They can do red purple and stuff like that. I think because it’s colorful. What’s he say?

Lisa Dixon:          They’re bringing the baby over. Sorry. We had to do an interruption, but it’s fine.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Sorry. Jacob is asking me-

Debbie:                But he said this there’s no sound.

Amy Roloff:        Well, no one’s saying anything.

Debbie:                I know.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. I’d love to. Someone’s asking if red hats are still around.

Amy Roloff:        Can you guys just confirm you can hear us some-

Lisa Dixon:          I would hope so-

Amy Roloff:        [crosstalk 00:45:07] on mute or something. I don’t know.

Lisa Dixon:          Everyone else can hear us, right? Oh, can’t hear for a while now on Instagram. No sound on Instagram.

Debbie:                Oh.

Lisa Dixon:          Uh-oh. Well-

Debbie:                Did it go off when that phone call came in?

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, maybe does that.

Debbie:                Does that-

Lisa Dixon:          Amy’s going to adjust the Instagram.

Amy Roloff:        Sorry guys.

Lisa Dixon:          This happens every time. Every time we do one of these. So Facebook, YouTube, it’s good news.

Amy Roloff:        [crosstalk 00:45:35] I don’t think. I wonder if it was because-

Lisa Dixon:          I think you switched over. Everyone can hear on this end. Amy’s just playing with her phone for Instagram.

Amy Roloff:        Can you guys hear me on Instagram? Oh you can’t. Huh. Hmm. I am so sorry about that. We can hear you. Oh, someone said, “We can hear you.”

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, Calgary alberta can hear.

Amy Roloff:        Can you hear me on Instagram?

Lisa Dixon:          Don Kingsley said, “I hear you. Yes. We can hear you.”

Amy Roloff:        Well, that’s on Facebook.

Lisa Dixon:          I know, but you’re saying it over there. “Can you hear me?”

Amy Roloff:        No. Sound huh?

Lisa Dixon:          Well Navid

Amy Roloff:        I wonder if it’s because I got a phone call from Jacob and Isabelle about watching their kid.

Lisa Dixon:          Maybe.

Amy Roloff:        My grandson.

Lisa Dixon:          Our producer Navid

Amy Roloff:        So I might have tune you out and get back on.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, okay. Navid. Do you want to … “Need to restart.” That’s what he just said.

Amy Roloff:        Okay.

Lisa Dixon:          All right-

Amy Roloff:        Guys, I’m going to end this and then redo the live, so are you okay?

Lisa Dixon:          Just on Instagram. Not on Facebook or anything else? Just on Instagram. So we’re still here, right Deb?

Debbie:                We’re still here.

Lisa Dixon:          We’re still.

Debbie:                Here guys. Wait.

Lisa Dixon:          We’re still here.

Debbie:                Cheers.

Lisa Dixon:          All right. Well, oh, Jamaica. Someone’s here from Jamaica. Awesome. Trying to get there in June, hopefully that’ll happen. Amy’s watching Mateo this afternoon coming up pretty quick here, so that’s cool. Let’s see. Navid should we go ahead then? And since Amy has kind of a hard close at 5:00-

Amy Roloff:        Well, no. That can change.

Lisa Dixon:          That we can give out. Should we give out the code a little bit early for the … Okay. That sounds good. We’re going to give out the code-

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Do that.

Lisa Dixon:          … a little bit early today for the lucky four lucky winners. If everyone wants to put in the word, friendship will be pulling some … Katie from Lebanon, Oregon. Awesome. Yep. So if you want to put in the word friendship, type it in, wherever you’re at, we’re going to pick a Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. And what’s the last name?

Amy Roloff:        Hey, you guys, sorry about-

Lisa Dixon:          Twitter.

Amy Roloff:        … that, I’m restarting Instagram Live because my precious son and daughter-in-law called me and I think we tuned out. So-

Lisa Dixon:          She’s talking to the Instagram.

Amy Roloff:        … I hope you guys are still on because … Here we go.

Lisa Dixon:          All right. We’re back.

Amy Roloff:        Here we go.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        Here we go.

Lisa Dixon:          Hey. Thanks everybody for putting in friendship. Keep it going and we’ll-

Amy Roloff:        Well, on that note, let’s talk about our friendship.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Because we want to get to some of the people’s questions as well. In fact, I didn’t print those out. Did you?

Lisa Dixon:          I have them. They’re all in.

Amy Roloff:        Okay good.

Lisa Dixon:          We actually covered quite a few.

Amy Roloff:        Did we?

Debbie:                The questions?

Lisa Dixon:          Mm-hmm (affirmative). Oh, it’s kind of be more.

Amy Roloff:        Anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          There’s more coming on the next. No, just don’t answer it. Don’t answer it.

Amy Roloff:        I can’t it’s going.

Lisa Dixon:          That has happened before.

Amy Roloff:        Hey. Hi.

Jacob:                   Hey.

Amy Roloff:        Hi.

Jacob:                   Hey, I was just watching your Live I forgot you were on it, but I called and I think I broke it on Instagram.

Amy Roloff:        Yes you did.

Lisa Dixon:          You broke it again Jacob.

Amy Roloff:        No, no, I ended it, but restarted it.

Lisa Dixon:          Amy come here.

Jacob:                   I’m messing it up, right?

Amy Roloff:        No. It’s okay.

Lisa Dixon:          She’s [crosstalk 00:49:28].

Amy Roloff:        But we’re ready. You guys can come over at time. We’ll probably end this about 5:15 or anywhere between 5:00 and 5:15.

Jacob:                   That’s why I was calling you actually just because we were trying to find a place to go eat, but it’s all booked up because of St. Patrick’s Day.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. That’s right.

Jacob:                   I totally forgot about that too.

Amy Roloff:        Well-

Jacob:                   We were going to ask about tomorrow. That’s the-

Lisa Dixon:          .

Amy Roloff:        You mean I may not babysit him today?

Jacob:                   Well, I know. I don’t want to cancel again, but I don’t know, we just can’t find a place to eat.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, bummer damn.

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:50:06] in your house.

Debbie:                We got cupcakes.

Amy Roloff:        We have cupcakes. Can I call you back?

Jacob:                   Yeah-

Amy Roloff:        No sound again.

Jacob:                   … if tomorrow we’re free too, do you want to that or .

Amy Roloff:        Okay. Let me ask Chris.

Jacob:                   Okay. Yeah.

Amy Roloff:        Let me call you back in about 15 minutes.

Lisa Dixon:          Bye Jacob.

Debbie:                Bye Jacob.

Amy Roloff:        Bye.

Lisa Dixon:          She’s going to restart her Instagram.

Debbie:                Restarting Instagram.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s never happened before when you’ve had calls that you have to restart.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 00:50:47] interesting.

Amy Roloff:        I think so, because it breaks up the connection.

Lisa Dixon:          You’ve had calls before though.

Amy Roloff:        I don’t know. I don’t know.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, Debb and I are still here. Oh, let’s see. Oh good. We’ve got lots of people doing friendship. Awesome.

Amy Roloff:        Hi, you guys. So, so sorry, Instagram about checking out. My son called back again and he forgot it was St. Patty’s Day. Jacob and Izzy were going to go out on a date and I was going to watch Mateo, but all the restaurants are booked, so this may not happen today, which makes me very sad. I might be watching him tomorrow, but I got to make sure Chris and I aren’t doing anything on a Friday. Anyway, if you guys still want to join us, we are back on.

Lisa Dixon:          We’re back. Thank you guys for your patience with-

Amy Roloff:        Oh my goodness.

Lisa Dixon:          … Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Amy had to go around the corner and get that.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, come on.

Lisa Dixon:          Here we go.

Amy Roloff:        What? Are we doing it already?

Lisa Dixon:          No, we posted … Thanks Navid. Amy’s autograph book. So we can talk a little bit about friends then and-

Amy Roloff:        Well, yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          … you were saying different periods in our lives we find different friends and-

Amy Roloff:        Well, I think we do. I don’t know about you guys, but obviously television took up a big, huge chunk of my life. I’ve got some friends that I still know from when my kids were in school and stuff and I get together with them occasionally or a couple times a month and some more than others just because of distance.

Amy Roloff:        But I think the other thing in the season of life that I’m in, friends are important, but depending … Like obviously Chris and I are just married, but I’ve got a few friends that have been in their second marriage, but their second marriage happened so long ago like you guys. Lisa and her husband have been married for a long time-

Lisa Dixon:          30 years this year.

Amy Roloff:        … but we’re into our kids, our grandkids and where are they going? And so sometimes your friendships fade away. You don’t really lose them, but I think you lose some of the connectivity and some of the friends that I have in Michigan, I still know and everything and get together with, but when I’m there, but obviously it’s not like friends. So you guys, I interact with, several times a week-

Debbie:                We came together when you were going through your divorce.

Amy Roloff:        And the charity foundation too, right?

Lisa Dixon:          Right. We volunteered for that.

Debbie:                We had a lot in common with your divorce because I was divorced and I still am, but that took us into a deeper friendship.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. We did a different level of that friendship. I think I admire people who still are friends with people that they grew up with, went high school with, maybe got a little bit disconnected after college or something, have come together or they still live in the same area or something or if they’ve moved away, they still go and visit them every year.

Amy Roloff:        I just admire that … well, frankly, I’m envious of that kind of friendship of longevity, of the different seasons of life that they have been through. I can’t say I really have that.

Debbie:                Well, and we interact at least once or twice a week regardless the three of us. If we haven’t, we can pick up where we left off.

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah. And I don’t think, I mean, I have two good friends that I grew up with same type thing, but sometimes they fade out and have different phases of life that I didn’t relate to as much or vice versa. And then I think friendships just ebb and flow you and mutual respect for each other. Don’t always agree on everything.

Amy Roloff:        Well, I mean we don’t, but yeah we agree on a lot but-

Lisa Dixon:          We do. But I’m just saying though, it’s great that we have these friendships and I don’t discount not knowing someone as long as somebody-

Amy Roloff:        Oh I don’t either.

Lisa Dixon:          I value both of you and like sisters to me. In a long term, we’ve done so much together and experienced so much and it’s just-

Amy Roloff:        And you’re right. Some friends, you can only know them for a year or two and you feel like you’ve known them all your life. And no, I think not necessarily time is always the issue, but as I hear people who get together and the history of stories and memories and-

Lisa Dixon:          Well, look at Chris’s Poker buddies.

Amy Roloff:        I know.

Lisa Dixon:          27 years, right?

Debbie:                That’s amazing.

Amy Roloff:        No, 35.

Lisa Dixon:          35?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. 35 years old.

Debbie:                Wow.

Amy Roloff:        He was in his mid 20s-

Debbie:                Wow.

Amy Roloff:        … when that all started.

Debbie:                Well, I have a friend in Arizona that I’ve been friends with her for over 30 something years.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. See.

Debbie:                And we communicate every week. Whether we talk or text or whatever.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        I think TV took a lot away from getting close or people feeling like they could get close because in the early years, TV was like five days a week. I mean, that was a job.

Lisa Dixon:          Weren’t they just parked in your living room?

Amy Roloff:        Pretty much.

Lisa Dixon:          They just trolled, whatever happened. They sat there and recorded-

Amy Roloff:        It’s a lot different-

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my gosh.

Amy Roloff:        … than it was back then. And I’m not to say I’m not blaming TV, but it was much harder to develop those kind of-

Lisa Dixon:          So we want to … Sorry, I didn’t mean to cut now.

Amy Roloff:        Yep.

Lisa Dixon:          So for Instagram viewers put in the word friendship and again, for everyone else watching, please put in the word friendship and we will have towards the end here four lucky winners.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Friendship. And then that way the person who’s helping us do all of this, he will just randomly pick four people because Lisa and I don’t do that.

Lisa Dixon:          No we don’t.

Amy Roloff:        And we didn’t even ask Debb to do it.

Lisa Dixon:          No, not going to be responsible for that.

Amy Roloff:        But I think friendships are very, very important. I think your spouse, if you are married or in that kind of relationship, should always be the number one but I think friendship have a different level, different element, different thing about them that I think everyone needs friends because even with a spouse, you’re not going to like everything you do together.

Lisa Dixon:          No, you need [crosstalk 00:57:20].

Amy Roloff:        She’s talking after 30 years. Well, I think you sometimes just enjoy sharing that one particular interest or two with someone who is also very much into that as well.

Lisa Dixon:          No. Do we want to go into Amy roll off’s little kitchen, some questions for that?

Amy Roloff:        Are we done with questions from people?

Lisa Dixon:          Well, we have different sections where the questions are.

Amy Roloff:        Oh man. I just wanted to rattle them off.

Lisa Dixon:          I know.

Amy Roloff:        Okay. Go on.

Lisa Dixon:          Denise on Instagram said, “Would you ever publish a devotional?”

Amy Roloff:        You know what? That’s very interesting. I really thought about that, a devotional. I think that would be, I don’t know if I would do a 30 day or a yearly. Yearly would definitely take some time because I would really have to give that some thought and research into versus that speak to me, that means something to me, but also speak to different phases of your life. Hey Chris.

Chris:                     Oh, refill.

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Amy Roloff:        Ooh, wait a minute. Can we have ? Wait a minute, what?

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 00:58:29].

Chris:                     You just want warm up or do you want to full one?

Amy Roloff:        I don’t know. What do you all want?

Lisa Dixon:          I’ll take a splash of coffee.

Amy Roloff:        I’ll take a splash of coffee too.

Lisa Dixon:          And maybe just a little splash of-

Amy Roloff:        Oh, whiskey.

Lisa Dixon:          … Bush mills. Isn’t that what we’re serving?

Chris:                     Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Can I see that too?

Debbie:                No coffee for me but the other.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh Deb, you’re going on the rock.

Amy Roloff:        Well, she doesn’t really do coffee.

Debbie:                It’s funny because I gave up coffee two years ago.

Lisa Dixon:          Even decaf?

Debbie:                Everything.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh.

Amy Roloff:        She just drink tea.

Lisa Dixon:          This is caffeine. Isn’t it?

Debbie:                Only tea .

Amy Roloff:        Is this caffeinated?

Lisa Dixon:          It’s our coffee. It’s Amy roll offs.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, look at that.

Lisa Dixon:          It’s Amy Roloff’s coffee that one.

Amy Roloff:        It’s really good.

Lisa Dixon:          Amy Roloff’s little kitchen [crosstalk 00:59:13].

Amy Roloff:        And no.

Lisa Dixon:          This is really good. I’m like, “Oh.”

Amy Roloff:        It’s not decaf.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh boy. Well.

Amy Roloff:        And I don’t know. Maybe we should get a decaf. I’m not sure. I don’t know if they can process. I’m not sure. Because we have this done by a very much of a local, coffee-

Debbie:                Roaster?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Roaster. And we might switch this flavor off. `I don’t know. If you guys haven’t, what do you think we might switch it up.

Chris:                     Here’s a picture of the good stuff. You can-

Lisa Dixon:          A picture. Ooh.

Debbie:                Look at him-

Amy Roloff:        Is it ?

Chris:                     Yes.

Amy Roloff:        The Bush mill.

Chris:                     I said good stuff.

Debbie:                The good stuff Amy.

Amy Roloff:        Oh. Mix of both. Oh, so-

Lisa Dixon:          I thought it was just-

Amy Roloff:        … we did Bush mills and some Irish cream, right?

Chris:                     Yeah.

Debbie:                Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Amy Roloff:        I’m just going to pour a little bit-

Lisa Dixon:          And then Deb, you can have the rest. Oh wow. Look at you.

Chris:                     I heard Amy say earlier, I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake. I like dark chocolate, but it’s-

Amy Roloff:        Isn’t that true?

Chris:                     … brightest cake that I’ve ever had. It’s like chocolate air-

Amy Roloff:        And you like it.

Chris:                     I loved it.

Amy Roloff:        Woo.

Lisa Dixon:          Woo.

Debbie:                Awesome.

Chris:                     I really like the-

Lisa Dixon:          The frosting.

Chris:                     … frosting.

Amy Roloff:        Well, I know. [crosstalk 01:00:31].

Chris:                     I’m glad that Amy gave most of them away.

Amy Roloff:        Well, that is true.

Chris:                     We’re on a challenge. We have a goal that we’re going to try to lighten up before our trip to Italy and the end of August.

Lisa Dixon:          Uh-oh.

Amy Roloff:        Lighten up-

Chris:                     This doesn’t help.

Lisa Dixon:          No or this, the coffees extras do.

Chris:                     It’s holiday.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Lighten up means we’re going to shed a few.

Debbie:                Like the load for the trip.

Amy Roloff:        Thanks babe.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Debbie:                Thank you, Chris.

Lisa Dixon:          Thank you, Chris. That was so nice. See he loved your chocolate cake.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, I know. He did mention that to me-

Debbie:                Wow.

Amy Roloff:        And I had forgotten.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s awesome. Perfect timing.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah, I know. That was good.

Lisa Dixon:          Are we ready to, well, let’s do one more thing. Let’s talk about spring fudge is coming next week, so look for that.

Amy Roloff:        Spring fudge is coming and Lisa and I are really working on making our Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen store. How should I say limited in the sense of really picking out some unique things or just having one t-shirt and one sweatshirt-

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 01:01:41].

Amy Roloff:        … type of thing. And then also finding some other local creative people to do kitchen fun orientated stuff. I don’t know if a lot of you guys use it, I know I’m a book fan, so I love a book holder that you can also use as a cutting board. So we’re tweaking that we’re seeing if that will work at all-

Lisa Dixon:          Repurposed wood from Oregon, that’s falling already-

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. Repurposed wood.

Lisa Dixon:          … so you don’t cut it to damage the trees.

Amy Roloff:        We’re trying to have a variety of items enough, but being special in the sense to Amy Roloff’s little kitchen.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. That’s good.

Amy Roloff:        Let us know what you’re thinking. Oh yeah, back to the red hats. Oh, tell me about that.

Debbie:                What’d they say?

Lisa Dixon:          We’ll see. If you want to look at our website. It’s Just so you know, to go on and look at what we have so far. And we are having new spring fudge coming out, I believe next Monday or Tuesday.

Amy Roloff:        And so what are the flavors? Is chocolate caramel?

Lisa Dixon:          It’s white chocolates. You’ve got them-

Amy Roloff:        I don’t have them all.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 01:02:57].

Lisa Dixon:          Yes, you have.

Amy Roloff:        No, I ate the-

Lisa Dixon:          She ate the sample.

Amy Roloff:        No, I ate the cookies and cream one.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh yes. So we’re going to have cookies and cream.

Amy Roloff:        And it really tastes like cookies and cream.

Lisa Dixon:          Lemon.

Amy Roloff:        We got lemon?

Lisa Dixon:          What else? Salted white chocolate, salted caramel.

Amy Roloff:        Salted caramel, white chocolate.

Lisa Dixon:          And chocolate with nuts.

Amy Roloff:        A chocolate with nuts.

Debbie:                And what’s that?

Amy Roloff:        So lemon, white chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate with nuts-

Lisa Dixon:          Cookies and cream.

Amy Roloff:        And cookies and cream. So we just thought those would be kind of fun spring flavors.

Lisa Dixon:          But Amy ate that one.

Amy Roloff:        I guess so.

Debbie:                And I thought you said you were trying to like the load.

Amy Roloff:        I know.

Debbie:                But we were doing that for something I think.

Lisa Dixon:          Photo shoot.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yeah. Photo shoot. Lisa here, only eat this, make this.

Lisa Dixon:          Me?

Amy Roloff:        Yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          She’s blaming me?

Debbie:                She’s the one the one-

Amy Roloff:        You are because we had to eat it.

Lisa Dixon:          No.

Debbie:                No. She forces us to eat it.

Lisa Dixon:          You’re blamed.

Amy Roloff:        . Well we have some really fun ones that were planning for summer too. We wanted something like an orange creamsicle type of thing and maybe-

Lisa Dixon:          [crosstalk 01:04:12].

Amy Roloff:        … a Berry one. Oh yeah. Beer floats. Definitely chocolate. Because you just need chocolate fudge.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        And I don’t know some other fun ones.

Lisa Dixon:          We’ll have some fun ones. Well are we ready for winners?

Amy Roloff:        Oh, winners. Friendship. Who’s all for friendship. I am.

Lisa Dixon:          Friendship. Cheers. Navid’s going to give us some winners here. Facebook is Carrie Ward. So I’ll put that on that.

Amy Roloff:        Where’d you see that? Oh, I see.

Lisa Dixon:          On the screen. YouTube Victoria Marisa.

Amy Roloff:        Well, someone said drink a lot of vital protein.

Lisa Dixon:          Twitter is Susie Heather Tyson.

Amy Roloff:        You’re going to have to say these again.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        And IG is Brooke Wood.

Lisa Dixon:          If I’ve called your name, please email me at and say you were the winner and send me your address and your email while you’ll have it on the email. Sorry about that little bit of coffee here today. And we’ll send you out an autograph book from Amy for a little me, her book a little me. So Carrie Ward from Facebook. YouTube is Victoria Morris? We’ll have it up there again. Marisa S-A. Twitter Susie Heather Tyson and Instagram-

Amy Roloff:        Is Brooke.

Lisa Dixon:          Is Brooke.

Amy Roloff:        Brook Wood.

Lisa Dixon:          Brooke wood. All right. Congratulations everybody.

Amy Roloff:        So that’s Brooke Wood, Susie Heather Tyson, Victoria Marisa and Karen-

Lisa Dixon:          Carrie.

Amy Roloff:        … Carrie Ward.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. Congratulations.

Amy Roloff:        And email Lisa at

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. All right.

Amy Roloff:        And the books are still available at Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen too. In case you haven’t gotten a book yet, or want to give it to a friend or something like that.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes. And you can buy that at and visit our store.

Amy Roloff:        And we might have a little bit of sale during mother’s day or something.

Lisa Dixon:          We might have something.

Amy Roloff:        But anyway, someone asks, we do have some, it’s a basic apron, but it’s an apron, I think in several colors that says Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen on it.

Lisa Dixon:          And we’re having our spring collection come out too pretty quick here, which is eat, love, gather with Daisy’s because that’s your favorite-

Amy Roloff:        Oh really?

Lisa Dixon:          Yeah. We’re working on that for spring collection right now.

Amy Roloff:        Well, what about MVP? You know what? I want to do a whole thing about MVP. If you guys don’t know what MVP means, it does not mean most valuable player. Well, if you want it-

Lisa Dixon:          To you.

Amy Roloff:        … to be, it can. But I’ve changed the MVP to be a reminder to ourselves and not only a reminder to ourselves, but a reminder to ourselves that other people are as well. And that means you matter, have value and a purpose. So don’t ever forget that, regardless of what is going on in your life, how challenging it may be, how great it may be. Always remember that you do matter, have value and purpose and live that out. But also give other people that same chance, respect that they also matter have value and purpose and-

Lisa Dixon:          And I love them.

Amy Roloff:        … help them to do that as well.

Lisa Dixon:          Should we take a few more questions?

Amy Roloff:        Yes.

Lisa Dixon:          Rebecca on Instagram, “What new products are coming to the shop?”

Amy Roloff:        But we just said-

Lisa Dixon:          But one thing we didn’t mention is we are looking at putting together a subscription service where people can subscribe and we’ll have content that you won’t see here on our live. You’ll be able to-

Amy Roloff:        We’ll have more conversations-

Lisa Dixon:          More conversations-

Amy Roloff:        … with probably myself or stuff like that.

Lisa Dixon:          And have some fun-

Amy Roloff:        A cooking thing.

Lisa Dixon:          Could be a cooking like we do cooking with Amy. Anyway, look out for that. That’ll be fun. And you’ll get to know Amy a little more and kind of a fun thing.

Amy Roloff:        I like that devotional idea that-

Lisa Dixon:          I do too. Because that’s different from journal, but it is similar, but it’s a devotional. I love that. Anyone-

Amy Roloff:        What’s another question.

Lisa Dixon:          Let’s see. Do we have any other questions? Somebody wants to pop in?

Amy Roloff:        Look, this, I married my prom date 27 years ago. Wow. That’s great.

Lisa Dixon:          Wow.

Amy Roloff:        Hello from Canada, BC. I’ll be passing your way or Chris and I will be passing your way soon in June.

Lisa Dixon:          Very cool.

Amy Roloff:        And then-

Lisa Dixon:          “Are you still selling pumpkin salsa?” That’s from-

Amy Roloff:        Well the Roloff’s Am isn’t selling pumpkin salsa. We only have that available during pumpkin season, but there is a small little business that is selling our salsa, meaning … What?

Lisa Dixon:          Can you guys hear us? I wouldn’t. Don’t touch it.

Amy Roloff:        And so there’s a small business. That’s selling our salsa and they are on Amazon. So you can buy it online. And you get all three of them. I don’t know if you can buy individuals or if you can buy three of one flavor.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh, Gloria who is a friend of mine and you sent her a nice card and a book earlier during the holidays.

Amy Roloff:        Oh, did I? Okay.

Lisa Dixon:          She wants to know if you’re going to be at pumpkin season-

Amy Roloff:        Well, you know what?

Lisa Dixon:          Like talking about it?

Amy Roloff:        We’re talking about it. It’s really up to Matt to see what he is doing and whether he wants to do that at all. I mean, yes, I’m not at the farm. It’s been kind of hard to be a part of all that, but I really enjoy meeting all of you guys and just hearing your stories and everything. And it’s really going to be interesting from the previous last two years because of COVID and how this will change if we’re not under COVID restrictions.

Amy Roloff:        But I think Chris really had a great time being tour guide last year and meeting all of you guys, so he might partake in it as well in some capacity or do the same thing that he did last year. But as of right now, I’m planning to be there. I bought all these costumes. So I want to show up and costume and say hello to you all.

Lisa Dixon:          And I just wanted to say Deb, I’m sorry we haven’t like pulled you into some of the conversations.

Debbie:                No. I’m just visiting.

Lisa Dixon:          I know a lot of, a lot of people ask, well, is Lisa talking, is Debb what’s going on? And this is really a juggling act. Even have three people sitting here and try to follow a little script and then try to answer questions-

Debbie:                I’m just visiting.

Lisa Dixon:          … it’s a multi-

Amy Roloff:        You know what? You see something on there you say, “Hey, hi. From whoever.”

Debbie:                Definitely. [crosstalk 01:11:37].

Lisa Dixon:          So just wanted to let, let you know nothing here is intentional.

Amy Roloff:        See there’s Oregon .

Lisa Dixon:          Ooh.

Debbie:                Ooh. Love it.

Lisa Dixon:          Province of Manitoba.

Amy Roloff:        Manitoba.

Lisa Dixon:          Anyway, thanks you guys for your patience. And just knowing that this is … We’re like soccer moms from back in the day. We’re not technical IT people. We have Navid-

Amy Roloff:        Thank God for Navid.

Lisa Dixon:          … who we love and Chris top by. And this has been a really fun time.

Amy Roloff:        Well, we hope it’s been fun for you. I know we’re having fun.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Anyway. But if you guys are on here for the first time or something like that, this is just light conversation. Just, girlfriends or Lisa and I, and hopefully Debb will be able to join us a little more often. And we just . I don’t get too heavy on the politics, I don’t get too heavy on all these different topics that for someone, God reason can just split and divide people. And I just respect other people’s thoughts and opinions on those things, but we just keep it fun and light and-

Lisa Dixon:          This is our community. You guys are like our friends. I think we say this every time to come together and share ideas.

Amy Roloff:        Let me ask you this. What is one hobby that you wish you had timed for?

Debbie:                Good question.

Lisa Dixon:          This is my hobby. I always say doing filming reality TV for my friend Amy and being with Debb, this is my hobby. I don’t have time for [crosstalk 01:13:09].

Amy Roloff:        … what about you?

Debbie:                I would do more yard work.

Amy Roloff:        Yard work?

Lisa Dixon:          I love yard work.

Debbie:                That’s a hobby, my garden, everything.

Amy Roloff:        I think what I would do because I love cooking, I would love to take a couple of culinary classes to refine my limited knowledge on the technical stuff. And just have fun with that and say, “Oh, is that what that’s all about?”

Debbie:                That’s-

Amy Roloff:        Or give reasons to why I do what I do.

Lisa Dixon:          Like chopping, I learned that in a class that how you hold the knife and cut and put your knuckles here. So you don’t cut your … Those are all things I never learned that from home cooking-

Amy Roloff:        Or just like understanding how custard work. I know how to do it, but why? Like Why does that work? Or-

Debbie:                Baking bread.

Amy Roloff:        How does it-

Lisa Dixon:          And yeast.

Amy Roloff:        You guys, I made Focaccia bread. It was really good. I probably could have cooked it a little bit longer, but anyway.

Debbie:                [crosstalk 01:14:10]. I do.

Amy Roloff:        The thing I learned. I have, for some reason maybe because my house is too open. I don’t know. My kitchen is all open. It’s not really warm. I can set butter out. People, it’s not soft. It’s like cold still.

Lisa Dixon:          Well [crosstalk 01:14:25] the windows open and-

Amy Roloff:        No. Well he doesn’t. Chris doesn’t.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh.

Amy Roloff:        But anyway. My house feels still cold. And then I went online to figure out, is there any other way that I can help this dough rise after you let the yeast and temperature for yeast is very, very important because my daughter’s the baker. And so someone said, and most several places said it, “Turn your oven on about 200 and then just before you’re ready to put your bread in to help it rise, turn it immediately off. And then just set your bowl in there with a towel over and everything.” Oh my gosh.

Lisa Dixon:          Just a quick little tip.

Amy Roloff:        That was like a light bulb that went on because I’m like, “Oh my gosh, it actually rose.” And I saw my dough double in size because every time they say double in size, I’m like, okay, what am I doing wrong? It’s just right there. I pay attention to the temperature before I put the yeast in and our life changer. So I’m making my cinnamon rolls again because I want to see what happens.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, do you remember? We had Alex Wilson on one time baking cakes with frosting. We had him on a lot a … Not a live but we did a cooking with Amy segment, he has the hungry hero.

Amy Roloff:        Oh yes.

Lisa Dixon:          And making buttercream frosting. You would, you had said, “Oh my butter is too hard.” And he said, just keep whipping it. If you whip it up to like three or four minutes, it warms itself up. That was a cool tip. He’s a good guy. That’d be fun-

Amy Roloff:        Because there’s friction. There’s friction and you have to do it long enough to create that, warm. So anyway, I think cooking or I would love to paint more abstract-

Lisa Dixon:          Paintings instead of that? Watercolors.

Debbie:                My friend in Arizona does watercolors that are amazing. I would love to learn that.

Amy Roloff:        I love cross stitch. Oh, you know what the three of us may do? Would you guys like this? We love doing the painted rocks for my wedding. And so we might go ahead and paint a bunch of rocks and give them away to you all give them away.

Amy Roloff:        It is yeah.

Lisa Dixon:          Do you remember the conversation with the rocks and people-

Amy Roloff:        We just had so much fun and then by giving them away-

Debbie:                This is one of the ones I did-

Amy Roloff:        I did this [crosstalk 01:16:56].

Debbie:                This one’s mine.

Lisa Dixon:          The gold one is mine.

Amy Roloff:        That one’s yours.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Amy Roloff:        Okay. Whatever.

Lisa Dixon:          Because I add the gold.

Debbie:                There we go.

Amy Roloff:        We were thinking about giving three away to each person. So you can keep one, maybe go on a hike and do those things where people find the rock and they even pick it up and take it home or they pick it up and move it someplace else. And-

Lisa Dixon:          That was really was so fun because we could sit at the table. It was outside in the backyard. It took us a couple hours at a time and we just visited and it was so it was relaxing-

Debbie:                It was relaxing thing.

Lisa Dixon:          You know what we need to do? We need to take a beach trip, walk along the beach and find all the.

Amy Roloff:        I love it.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s what we do it.

Debbie:                Let’s do it.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh no, the vintage is at silver and that’s not at the beach. Well, we’ll stay at the beach sometimes.

Amy Roloff:        It’s a deal.

Lisa Dixon:          That’s what we’ll do.

Amy Roloff:        All right. So anyway-

Lisa Dixon:          Amy, it’s 5:00.

Amy Roloff:        Yeah. It’s about 5:15, 5:20. You guys thank you so much for joining us. This has been a really great time. I loved having my husband Chris on.

Lisa Dixon:          Oh my gosh, thank you Chris.

Amy Roloff:        He made us great-

Debbie:                Cheer to Chris.

Lisa Dixon:          Cheers to Chris.

Debbie:                Cheers.

Lisa Dixon:          He’s waving it in the chair over there.

Amy Roloff:        … good Irish coffee drinks, which was awesome.

Lisa Dixon:          Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Amy Roloff:        I’ll tweak this little thing here.

Lisa Dixon:          Recipes will go on the website.

Amy Roloff:        The recipes you’ll be able to find for this one eventually hope maybe it next week because I’m working on four recipes right now that I got to write up before I send the videos to make sure they’re edited right. And you all, don’t get bored at them.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Amy Roloff:        Well Deb, thank you.

Lisa Dixon:          Thank you Debb, we love you.

Debbie:                Thank you ladies.

Amy Roloff:        We’re going to have you talk more. Lisa and I get in our mode and-

Debbie:                Yeah, but this is like even when I’m home watching this, I just love listening to you guys.

Lisa Dixon:          Aw.

Debbie:                I’m just in my zone. Loving this.

Amy Roloff:        It’s fun.

Lisa Dixon:          Again, the community. Thank all of you for watching us and your comments and-

Amy Roloff:        Well, tell them what we’re doing together.

Debbie:                Can I do that?

Amy Roloff:        Why not?

Debbie:                Because she said she’s lighting the load. Anyway, we are working together to challenge Amy to get you, can’t see-

Amy Roloff:        To lose a few. But what are we doing together? We’re walking.

Debbie:                We’re walking.

Amy Roloff:        Because dad walks almost every day.

Debbie:                Every day. Yes. So we’re walking together and she’s pushing me to go further.

Amy Roloff:        That’s awesome.

Debbie:                She’s challenging me. And I’m challenging her just to be there.

Amy Roloff:        Don’t say too much because Chris is over there.

Lisa Dixon:          I know. I don’t want to-

Debbie:                I don’t want Chris to know.

Amy Roloff:        Because there might be something going on that-

Debbie:                But you know what? She’s been so diligent at being there. We’re going she’s-

Amy Roloff:        And I still had a cupcake because you know what?

Debbie:                That’s okay.

Amy Roloff:        You got to add a little sunshine in your day every once in a while.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Debbie:                Because this [crosstalk 01:20:04] looks a little more time to our walk.

Amy Roloff:        Yes. Well the one thing I’m really grateful for Debb for as well, because obviously being a little person, I don’t take as big a steps as you all do. And yes, Lisa is married. A question on that.

Lisa Dixon:          30 years this year.

Amy Roloff:        And so I don’t take as big as stuff so I always worry that, I’m slow and Debb up, but she’s gracious enough to encourage me and-

Lisa Dixon:          At the farm, when we’d walk with you were way ahead of us all the time.

Amy Roloff:        But if you guys really like zoned in, on walking fast, I’d be so far behind you guys. I’m really appreciative of Deb, walking the pace that I do and just say, “Okay, yeah, we’re doing today. We’re doing it.”

Debbie:                And there’s this hill that we go up every day and the first couple of times she’s like, “Just go ahead.” And by the last two times, we’re at the top of the hill and she goes-

Lisa Dixon:          Yay.

Debbie:                “Gosh, I did it. I thought that was going to be difficult.”

Lisa Dixon:          Good job.

Amy Roloff:        Well, because the first couple of times, first three times I’m like, “Hey, just walk your pace and I’ll meet you at the top.” Because for me I was an incline and I’m like, “Oh brothers.”

Lisa Dixon:          Very cool.

Amy Roloff:        So I’m trying to work walk with her as much as I can, but-

Debbie:                I’m proud-

Amy Roloff:        … to me, that’s part of friendship as well. She’s willing to just walk the pace that works for me. And I’m not walking slow for me.

Debbie:                No, you’re not.

Amy Roloff:        I’m walking as fast as I can, especially up on an incline in that.

Lisa Dixon:          You’re doing it.

Debbie:                So go team Amy we’re-

Lisa Dixon:          Hey, you climbed to mountain before.

Debbie:                Yep.

Lisa Dixon:          So you can do this.

Debbie:                Day eight.

Lisa Dixon:          Yes.

Debbie:                She’s on track.

Lisa Dixon:          Awesome.

Amy Roloff:        So I want you guys to have a great weekend, enjoy St. Patty’s Day. I hope in the beginning you learned a little bit about St. Patty’s because sometimes I think when we celebrate these saints, great. It’s having fun. It’s a great time. And but I always kind of like to know a little bit of the history, especially when there is a little bit of history, behind it.

Lisa Dixon:          And somebody did ask that was a winner where to email, I’ll say it again,

Amy Roloff:        That goes to Lisa.

Lisa Dixon:          That goes to me and just let me know your address and we will ship out a book to you. All right. We have our little closing statement.

Amy Roloff:        Instagram, thank you for popping back on again. Sorry for all of that, but I had to take that-

Lisa Dixon:          Life happens, all right? Life happens.

Amy Roloff:        … phone call from my son.

Debbie:                What would like without some interruption?

Amy Roloff:        Right.

Debbie:                That’s all I’ve seen every time.

Lisa Dixon:          Well, at least we get started on time now.

Amy Roloff:        I know.

Lisa Dixon:          It is not even be able to connect on time.

Amy Roloff:        And I’m like, “Golly, can we just have one perfect-

Lisa Dixon:          Perfect. No.

Amy Roloff:        But I think it wouldn’t be as fine.

Lisa Dixon:          I know [crosstalk 01:22:54].

Amy Roloff:        Anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          Thanks Debb for joining us.

Debbie:                Thank you ladies.

Lisa Dixon:          All right. And remember to be kind, think kind and stay kind. Thank you for tuning in.

Amy Roloff:        Thank you guys.

Lisa Dixon:          See you guys time.

Amy Roloff:        Anything you want us to talk about next month? Always email Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen or AR-

Lisa Dixon:          Littlekitchen-

Amy Roloff:        … and we’ll try and incorporate some of those thoughts and questions or ideas and things like that. That’ll give us a little heads up. So anyway.

Lisa Dixon:          All right.

Debbie:                Happy St. Patrick Day.

Amy Roloff:        Happy St. Patty’s Day. Bye