A Little Me

I am Amy Roloff

I’m a little person, or more specifically, an achondroplasia dwarf. My family, parents, and siblings are all average height. There is no history of anyone else being a little person in my family. Some of the challenges I faced were being a little person, a dwarf. I had low self esteem and confidence, I wondered about the what if’s all of the time, I overcame a childhood illness I had for six years, and I paid more attention to what others thought about me than what I thought about myself. The things that kept me pushing forward were my faith, the belief that I can do it somehow, and the love and support of my family and friends.

In my book A Little Me, I share how my faith, the home I grew up in, my neighborhood, and the love of my family and friends truly had a big part in who I am today. I share stories from my time as a child and  how the challenges I’ve faced made me who I am today. You’ll learn about the early days of my marriage, when we bought the farm and a lot about my life as a mom, raising my kids!

I share how when the kids were growing up, we said yes to do a reality show called Little People BIG World. Never would I have imagined that it would last more than a couple of seasons!

I hope you enjoy reading all about my life in A Little Me. 

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